“Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls.”

― Joseph Campbell

We often take for granted the power of our thoughts and sometimes we allow fear and uncertainty to override our faith. This creates a pattern of negative thinking that promotes a cascading effect that manifest more of the things we do not what. You know what I am talking about “when it rains it pours”. If your energy resonates with fear and uncertainty you are just asking for more.

Reverse the process by becoming an observer of your thoughts, monitor what comes into mind and slowly start to discard all the negative thoughts and feelings that keep your mind in a never ending loop that serves no purpose to your well being or spiritual growth. Surrender all your problems and fears to God and allow the universe to untangle your path. Everything will fall into place in perfect harmony if you allow it to happen. Be strong and remember you are never alone. You are surrounded by Angels, Spirit guides and the spirit of loved ones that have crossed into the light. All they want is to help you and to see you succeed and overcome all obstacles in your path. Always remember “This too shall pass”.

Creation starts with you, you hold the keys to your path, you are the creator and the designer of your destiny take control of your thoughts and actions, nourish your faith and project your love outwards. Follow your Dreams no matter how big or small they are and always share the best of you with others. When you give the best, the universe will open all the doors allowing you to explore and connect with new people and ideas that will enlighten all aspects of your life. You are a Divine soul and you deserve the best. Always focus on the present moment and never worry about the past or things that might happen in the future, if the future crosses your mind remember that you have the power to manifest your own destiny, you are in control of your path and if you didn’t get what you wanted that is a blessing because something better is coming your way in a different form. Something better is always around the corner.

Share with others and be the light in the darkness for the weary souls, share your Love, your dreams and positive energy with everyone around you. Project your kindness and transform your life and the life of those around you into Bliss.   Because a single Dream is more powerful than a thousand realities.

William Michael



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