As I walked barefoot in the grass today I felt the pulsating waves of Love from mother earth. I took several deep breaths and I instinctively closed my eyes, I allowed the energy carry me away until there was no sense of self. My light body expanded and my heart center filled with infinite bliss, my mind’s eye exploded with total clarity and I could see and feel that I am part of everything around me. I could hear the wind whisper messages of Love, an angelic voice full of Love singing an eternal lullaby bringing me comfort and joy allowing me to explore this inner part of my psyche. I could see shimmering rays of golden light radiating from everything around me and I could feel the Love of the Universe like a warm blanket around my soul. A grounding moment of absolute peace in the bosom of mother earth, a moment complete abandonment of reason and self, a moment with no past, no present and no future. A moment I wish to share with you my best friend, because we are all connected like the leaves of a tree. Close your eyes and let go…….. Everything is alright if you believe.

William Narvaez
Love Love Love

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