This miracle of life had not taken her first flight yet, she had just emerged out of the cocoon just a few hours ago. She explored the world with new eyes stretching her wings over and over guided by instinct until she stood at the edge and took a leap of faith. With her wings spread wide open she flew away gracefully ready to fulfill her destiny. 

Life evolves naturally without effort but we often hold on to old preconceived ideas and fears that limit our true potential and negate us from experiencing life completely. 

Stretch your mind with new ideas, grow out of your comfort zone and emerge out of the cocoon that binds you. Open your wings and take a leap of faith into the unknown. Never forget that Love is our true essence and the guiding light that will shine upon your path eternally. Fill your heart with wonder and explore the endless possibility of your Dreams. 

Show your beautiful colors to the world because you are unique, you are beautiful. You are a miracle of life. 

William Michael

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